Correlate Logs and Tests

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You can correlate Test Visibility data with logs injected into Datadog, which allows you to view and analyze logs for specific test cases.

Examine logs for specific test cases with logs and tests correlation.


Correlation can be configured differently depending on how you send your tests data to Datadog.

Agentless log submission is supported for the following languages and frameworks:

  • Java with dd-trace-java >= 1.35.2 and Log4j2.

Use the following environment variables to enable and configure agentless log submission:

NameDescriptionDefault value
DD_AGENTLESS_LOG_SUBMISSION_ENABLED (required)Enables/disables log submissionfalse
DD_AGENTLESS_LOG_SUBMISSION_LEVEL (optional)Sets log level for agentless submissionINFO
DD_AGENTLESS_LOG_SUBMISSION_QUEUE_SIZE (optional)Sets the maximum size of pending logs queue1024
DD_AGENTLESS_LOG_SUBMISSION_URL (optional)Sets custom URL for submitting logs-
  1. Set up log collection through the Datadog Agent.
  2. Follow the steps described in Correlate Logs and Traces.

Further Reading

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