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Auto Test Retries is in public beta.


Test Visibility’s Auto Test Retries feature allows retrying failing tests up to N times to avoid failing your build due to flaky tests: a failing test case is retried either until it passes successfully or until there are no more retry attempts left (in which case the build fails).


Ensure Test Visibility is configured for your test runs.


  • dd-trace-java >= 1.34.0


After you have set up Test Visibility, you can configure Auto Test Retries from the Test Service Settings page.

Auto Test Retries in Test Service Settings.

The default behavior of the feature is to retry any failing test case up to 5 times. This behavior can be fine-tuned with the following environment variables:

  • DD_CIVISIBILITY_FLAKY_RETRY_ONLY_KNOWN_FLAKES - if this environment variable is set to true, only the test cases that Test Visibility considers flaky are retried.
  • DD_CIVISIBILITY_FLAKY_RETRY_COUNT - can be set to any non-negative number to change the maximum number of retries per test case.

Explore results in the Test Visibility Explorer

You can query the retried tests in the Test Visibility Explorer: they have the @test.is_retry tag set to true (some of them may also have the @test.is_new set to true, which indicates they have been retried by the Early Flakiness Detection feature).


If you suspect there are any issues with Auto Test Retries, navigate to the Test Service Settings page, look for your test service, and click Configure. Disable Auto Test Retries by clicking on the toggle.

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