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Synthetics Settings

On the Synthetics settings page, you can adjust the following settings:

Secure Credentials

Secure credentials are a secure username / password pair that can be used as variables for browser tests. These credentials are secured by Datadog so that only a subset of chosen users in your organization can access them. To create a new secure credential:

  1. Click New Secure Credential in the upper right corner of the settings page.
  2. Enter a Credential Name.
  3. Enter the given Username/Password.
  4. Select tags to associate to your Credential.
  5. Optional - Enter a Description for your Credential.

Default Settings

Default Locations

Choose the default locations for your browser and API tests details. Options include all of the available managed locations Datadog offers and the private locations that you set up for your account.

APM integration for Browser Tests

Whitelist URLs to add APM integration headers to that URL. Datadog’s APM integration headers allow Datadog to link browser tests with APM. Define which endpoints should be sent the APM headers by adding a URL into this section.

Use * to whitelist wider domain names. For example, adding https://** whitelists everything on

If the endpoint is being traced and whitelisted, your browser test results are then automatically tied to its corresponding trace.

Further Reading