Once you’ve started collecting data for your Synthetic tests, you can leverage Datadog platform capabilities to visualize, monitor, and analyze data across Synthetic testing and monitoring, and the rest of your connected stack.

Create and view dashboards

Use dashboards to track, analyze, and display key performance and usage metrics from your synthetics tests.

Screen shot showing the top Synthetics navigation with Dashboards highlighted

View monitors

View associated monitors that are automatically created from your synthetics tests to notify your teams, and manage alerts at a glance on the Alerting platform.

Synthetic test monitor

View metrics

View metrics that are generated by Synthetic Monitoring tests and Continuous Testing settings.

Explore test coverage

Explore the Test Coverage page to gain insights into the overall testing coverage of your RUM applications.

Test Coverage page with an Overview section, Untested Actions section, and a Tested Actions section

Connect Synthetic Testing and APM

Connect APM to identify failing synthetic tests directly through to the root causes by digging into related traces.

Synthetic tests

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