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Click on a mobile app test on the Synthetic Tests page to see the Test Details page. The Test Details page contains all the information relating to your test, including test properties, test history, sample runs, and test runs.

The Test Details page

Test runs appear in a test details page after a Synthetic mobile app test executes. Sample results correlate to the latest passed and failed test executions over a time interval and in a specific number of locations and devices.

Test properties

In the Properties section, you can see the test ID, test creation and edit dates, test priority, environment tag, and additional tags.

This section describes the Synthetic test details, including the mobile application, version, location, number of devices, test interval, and the number of test steps.
This section contains the name of the Synthetic test’s monitor and the configured notification message.
CI/CD Execution
This section contains a dropdown menu to change the execution rule for this test running as part of a CI pipeline.

Test history

In the History section, you can see the Global Uptime graph, which displays the total uptime of all test locations in a given time interval. The global uptime takes into consideration the alert conditions configured for a test.

The History graph displays global uptime

Sample results

Mobile app test runs include components such as screenshots to help troubleshoot your test failure.

In the Sample Runs section, you can examine the latest failed test runs and compare them to recent successful test runs.

Overview attributes

The status of your test run (PASSED or FAILED).
Starting URL
The URL of your mobile app test scenario.
The number of test steps completed in your sample run.
The amount of time it took your test to run.
The managed or private location your test was executed from.
The type of device your test was executed from.
Run type
The type of test run (CI, manually triggered, or scheduled).

Screenshots and actions

Every executed test step contains a screenshot of the step action, step action name, step ID, and step duration.

Screenshots and actions in the Sample Runs section of the test details

Failed results

A test result is considered FAILED if it does not satisfy its assertions or if a step failed for another reason. You can troubleshoot failed runs by looking at their screenshots, checking for potential errors at the step level, and looking into resources generated by their steps.

Common mobile app test errors include:

Element located but it's invisible
The element is on the page but cannot be clicked on—for instance, if another element is overlaid on top of it.
Cannot locate element
The element cannot be found in the XML.

Test events

Alerts from your Synthetic test monitors appear in the Events tab under Test Runs. To search for alerts from Synthetic tests in the Events Explorer, navigate to Events > Explorer and enter @evt.type:synthetics_alert in the search query. For more information, see Using Synthetic Test Monitors.

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