Datadog Synthetics is now available!

Identify Synthetics Bots

Synthetics is only available for the Datadog US site.


Some parts of your system might not be available to robots without the right identification, or you might want to avoid collecting analytics from Datadog robots.


Choose any or a variety of the following methods to identify the robots to make sure they are performing the actions you expect.

  1. You can use the headers set for APM integration. The x-datadog-origin: synthetics header, for instance, is added to all the requests launched for API tests. Using one of these headers allows you to filter these bot requests once in your analytics tool. No headers are added for browser tests.

If you want these requests to be completely removed, and not sent at all to your analytics tool, you can use the below JavaScript variable on your website, wrapped around your analytics tool code snippet:

if (window._DATADOG_SYNTHETICS_BROWSER === undefined) {
  1. You can use the shared headers to set any header to any value for all your API tests at once.

  2. You can locally add cookies, headers or basic auth to your API tests.

  3. You can use Datadog’s IP ranges, provided in the section “synthetics”.

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