Maintaining service level agreements with external or internal customers often requires measuring uptime percentage.

This guide shows you how to achieve that using Datadog Synthetic Monitoring and the SLO widget with an example website, http://example.com/.

Create a Synthetics test

To create a Synthetic API test with http://example.com/, see Create a single API test.

When you click Test URL, assertions about your website’s health populate. Adjust the assertions to match your SLI.

Configure a SLO widget

Create your SLO

  1. Create a new SLO to track your website’s uptime based on your Synthetic test results.

  2. Select Monitor Based and enter your Synthetic test name.

    SLO configuration
  3. Define the target you want to achieve.

    SLO target
  4. Enter a name, message, and tags to provide additional details for your SLO.

    SLO notification
  5. Click Save.

Import your SLO in your Dashboard

  1. Create a new Dashboard to host your SLO widget.

  2. Drag and drop the SLO widget on your board.

  3. Select the SLO that you defined above.

    SLO widget selection
  4. Customize your SLO widget to match your needs.

    SLO widget config
  5. Enter a descriptive title for your widget and click Done.

    Final Dashboard

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