After selecting a time frame from the dropdown menu on the top right, you can search for test runs by clicking on the Test Runs event type in the Synthetic Monitoring & Testing Results Explorer.

Search and manage your test runs in the Synthetic Monitoring & Testing Results Explorer

You can use facets to accomplish the following actions:

  • Observe the latest test runs that required retries.
  • Aggregate failed API test runs by HTTP status code and plot trends.

Explore facets

The facets panel on the left lists several facets you can use to search through your test runs. To start customizing the search query, click through the list of facets starting with Common.

Common test run attributes

Common facets allow you to filter on your test runs’ attributes.

Batch IDThe batch ID associated with the test run.
Execution RuleThe execution rule associated with the test result of the CI batch: Blocking, Non Blocking, and Skipped.
LocationThe location associated with the test result of the batch.
PassedThe overall status of the test run.
Run TypeThe run type of the test run. It can be scheduled, CI, or manually triggered.

Timings attributes

Timings facets allow you to filter on timing-related attributes for API test runs.

DNSThe time spent resolving the DNS name for an API test run.
DownloadThe time spent downloading the response for an API test run.
First ByteThe time spent waiting for the first byte of the response to be received for an API test run.
OpenThe overall time a websocket remained open for a WebSocket test run.
ReceivedThe overall time a websocket connection spent receiving data for a WebSocket test run.
TCPThe time spent establishing a TCP connection for an API test run.
TotalThe total response time for an API test run.

HTTP attributes

HTTP facets allow you to filter on HTTP attributes.

HTTP Status CodeThe HTTP status code for the test run.

gRPC attributes

gRPC facets are related to gRPC test runs.

Health Check StatusThe health check status for the gRPC test. Statuses are Serving or Failing.

SSL attributes

SSL facets are related to SSL test runs.

AltNamesAlternative record names associated with an SSL certificate.

TCP attributes

TCP facets are related to TCP connections during test runs.

Connection OutcomeThe connection status for the TCP connection. Outcomes can be established, timeout, or refused.

To filter on test runs that are retries, create a search query using @result.isFastRetry:true. You can also retrieve the last run for a test with retries using the @result.isLastRetry:true field.

For more information about searching for test runs, see Search Syntax.

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