Synthetic Dashboards


When you create a Synthetic test, Datadog collects data and generates dashboards about your stack, browser applications, or overall tests’ performance, private locations, and events.

Access your Synthetic dashboards by filtering for Synthetics in the search query of the Dashboard List or by clicking on the dropdown menu under Dashboards on the Synthetic Monitoring homepage.

Synthetic Monitoring Dashboards

Interact with Synthetic dashboards

You can clone dashboards and customize them by team, environment, or region using template variables.

Template variables

The generated Synthetic dashboards automatically contain a set of default template variables. Use the template variable dropdown menus to narrow the data shown in the dashboard. For example, you can filter for a specific browser type with the Browser template variable.

Saved views

The Synthetic dashboard has a default view. To adjust the dashboard view, click the Edit icon and customize your template variables.

Once you are done editing, click Save and select Save selections as view from the left hand dropdown menu. Enter a name for your saved view and click Save.

Customize dashboards

To clone your Synthetic dashboard, click the Settings icon and select Clone dashboard. To add more widgets, powerpacks, or apps, scroll down to the bottom and click the + icon.

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