CI/CD Integrations Troubleshooting


This page provides information to help you troubleshoot issues with Synthetics and CI/CD. If you need additional help, contact Datadog support.


CI batch
The group of Synthetic tests triggered through a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline or the Synthetic Monitoring API.
Test run
A single run of a Synthetic test. If you have configured retries, they count as individual test runs. For example, a test with two retries can have up to three associated test runs.
Batch timeout
A batch timeout occurs when your batch does not complete within a reasonable time based on the polling timeout set in your configuration file.
Execution rule
An execution rule defines the impact of a test failure on a CI pipeline from most to least impactful: skipped, non_blocking, and blocking. These options are weighted and defaults to the most impactful. If your test is configured as skipped in the UI and blocking in the configuration file, it is skipped during the test run.

You can set the execution rule in your tests’ properties, global configuration file, or an individual test’s override file.

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