Synthetic Monitoring

Synthetic Monitoring

Synthetic tests allow you to observe how your systems and applications are performing using simulated requests and actions from around the globe. Datadog tracks the performance of your webpages and APIs from the backend to the frontend, and at various network levels (HTTP, TCP, SSL, DNS, and ICMP) in a controlled and stable way, alerting you in case of faulty behavior (regression, broken feature, high response time, unexpected status code, etc.). End-to-end testing production and CI environments increases development teams’ speed as it puts an end to the fear of defective code making it to production. Computing SLOs on your key endpoints and user journeys makes it easier to stick to your application performance targets and ultimately provide a consistent customer experience.

Getting Started

Create your first Synthetic test and start monitoring web applications to improve their performance in just a few minutes.

Set up API tests and Multistep API tests

API tests allow you to launch single or chained requests to perform verifications on your key systems at various network levels: HTTP, TCP, SSL, DNS, and ICMP. Create your first HTTP test, TCP test, SSL test, DNS test, or ICMP test to get started with API and network monitoring.

Record Browser tests

Record end-to-end tests to monitor how your customers experience your webpages from around the world using Synthetic browser tests.

Browser tests

Launch Private Locations

Use Synthetic private locations to monitor internal APIs and websites or to create custom locations in areas that are mission-critical to your business.

Run tests with your integration and deployment processes

Leverage your Synthetic tests as canaries or run them directly within your CI pipelines to start shipping without fearing faulty code might impact your customers experience.

Connect Synthetic Monitoring data and traces

Use the out of the box integration between Synthetic tests and APM traces to find the root cause of failures across frontend, network and backend requests.

Synthetic Monitoring

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