Datadog Synthetics is now available!


Synthetics is only available in the US. Browser tests are available in beta: to request access complete the Datadog Synthetics Request form.


Datadog Synthetics gives you a new layer of visibility on the Datadog platform. By monitoring your applications and API endpoints via simulated user requests and browser rendering, Synthetics helps you ensure uptime, identify regional issues, and track application performance. By unifying Synthetics with your metrics, traces, and logs, Datadog allows you to observe how all your systems are performing as experienced by your users.

Synthetics home page

Advanced search lets you query checks by any combination of checks attributes:

  • title and message - text search
  • status - Alert, No Data, Ok
  • creator
  • region
  • muted
  • notification
  • tags

To run a search, construct your query using the checkboxes on the left and/or the search bar along the top. The search bar updates with the equivalent query as you check the boxes. Likewise, when you modify the search bar query (or write one from scratch), the checkboxes update to reflect that change. Query results update in real-time as you edit the query; there’s no ‘Search’ button to click.

Write a query

To search for specific text across all checks, titles, and notification messages, enter your text in the search bar.

Otherwise, use Boolean operators (AND, OR, and NOT) and parentheses to write complex queries using any check field:

  • Regular expressions are not supported
  • Single-character wildcard (?) is not supported, but the general wildcard (*) is
  • Proximity searches are not supported, but the fuzzy operator is
  • Ranges are not supported
  • Boosting is not supported

Finally, the following characters are reserved: -, (, ), ", ~, *, :, ., and whitespace. To search check fields that include any of them, wrap the field string in quotes: status:("OK") AND "doc-check" is a valid query string; status:("OK") AND doc check is not.

Create a check

Select Create a New check + in the upper right corner of the Synthetics page to create an API tests or a browser test.

Create a check


The following metrics are generated by checks.

The overall time the request took to be processed.
shown as millisecond
The size of the response in bytes.
shown as byte
The time spent during redirections.
shown as millisecond
The duration of the DNS lookup.
shown as millisecond
Time to establish the TCP connection.
shown as millisecond
The duration of the TLS handshake.
shown as millisecond
The time to send the request.
shown as millisecond
The time to first byte.
shown as millisecond
The time to download the response.
shown as millisecond
The count of responses we receive.
shown as request
The test execution time.
shown as millisecond
The time until the page can be interacted with.
shown as millisecond

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