OOTB SLO Performance Summary Dashboard


The Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) SLO Performance Summary Dashboard supports aggregated views of SLOs to help engineering leadership understand your organization’s reliability at a glance. With this dashboard, you can:

  • Customize your SLO groupings to be based on service, team, user journey, or any other tag that has been added to your SLOs.
  • Use a summary Score, based on the remaining error budget of the underlying SLOs, to understand SLO performance across different groups and identify areas of improvement.
Try Out the OOTB SLO Dashboard

The OOTB SLO Performance Dashboard is in Private Beta. Complete the form to request access.

Request Access

Access your OOTB SLO Dashbord by filtering for SLO Performance Summary in the search query of the Dashboard List or by clicking on the Analytics button on the top right corner of the SLO status page.

Default OOTB SLO Dashboard by Service Tag

Interact with your OOTB SLO dashboard

By default, the OOTB dashboard is based on the service tag added to your SLOs. This allows you to view your organization’s SLO performance by service groupings to understand which services are performing best and worst.

Summary score

The SLO Summary widget in the OOTB dashboard includes a “Score”. It is designed as a summary metric for engineering leadership to understand the performance of a group of SLOs. The Score is calculated based on the average remaining error budget of the underlying SLOs, which is then mapped to a score between 0 - 100:

  • The Score is “passing” (green/yellow) when most SLOs are not breached and have remaining error budget
  • The Score is “failing” (red) when many SLOs are out of error budget or a few SLOs are far out of error budget
  • SLOs in the “No Data” state are not considered in the Score

Customize your OOTB SLO dashboard

To customize your OOTB SLO dashboard, click Configure in the dashboard and select Clone dashboard. The default OOTB dashboard is configured based on the service tag that’s been added to SLOs. You can update the dashboard to be based on any SLO tag by taking the following steps:

  • Update the configuration for every widget in the default OOTB dashboard to use your desired tag, instead of service
  • Add a template variable based on your desired tag (or replace the existing service template variable)

For instance, if you have added a journey tag to your SLOs, you can clone the OOTB dashboard and customize it to be based on the journey tag:

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