Using Events

Custom metrics

Generate metrics with 15-month retention from any event search query to create and monitor historical events and alerts. For more information, see Event Analytics.

Image of metrics with the events search query.

Examples of what to do with events

Triage features

Use the Events Explorer to aggregate and view events coming into Datadog. Group or filter events by attribute and graphically represent them with event analytics. Use the query search syntax to filter events using Boolean and wildcard operators.


You can use events as a data source in graph widgets to build timeseries, tables, and top list widgets of your event search queries. For example, the Monitor Notifications Overview dashboard analyzes monitor alert event trends to help you improve your configuration and reduce alert fatigue.


Option to view event overlays on an example dashboard

Overlays visualize corresponding events on top of your graphs. Use the Dashboard Event Overlays feature to identify when a recent change is causing performance issues within your application or services and find the source of the problem.

Create a monitor

Send monitor alerts and notifications based on significant event queries. To configure an alert, see the Event Monitor documentation.

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