Best Practices For Tagging Events


Datadog recommends using unified service tagging and the tags listed below on all your events for the following benefits:

  • Identify potential issues faster
  • Locate related events
  • Filter more accurately in the Events Explorer, for example, to a specific environment

Add tags

You have multiple options to improve your tagging strategy for events:

You can add the following core attributes to your events:

envThe environment in which the event is from, such as production, edge, or staging. This enables you to ensure that events from a lower environment are not confused as high priority.
serviceThe service name. Enables you to:
- Know which service(s) are impacted if an event is related to an error
- Pivot to the impacted service
- Filter for all events with that service
versionThe build or service version. This allows you to identify, for example, if an outage or event is related to a particular version.
hostThe host name. Enables you to:
- Automatically enrich events at intake with additional host tags
- Pivot to the Host Infrastructure and Metrics tabs in the Events Explorer.
teamThe team that owns the event and are notified if need be.

Further reading

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