Case Management


Datadog Case Management provides a centralized place to track, triage, and troubleshoot issues. Create cases from alerts, security signals, and Error Tracking issues that you want to investigate.

You can assign cases to users or teams, establishing clear lines of ownership that persist throughout the lifespan of the case. Populate your cases with graphs, logs, and other telemetry data from across Datadog alongside information from external tools, such as messaging and issue-tracking apps.

View, filter, and manage

Find Case Management in the Service Management menu.

Filter cases

Use Inboxes to filter the list of cases to the ones most relevant to your work. Datadog automatically creates inboxes with filters for cases assigned to you, created by you, or associated with your Teams.

To filter cases based on a search query, create a custom inbox:

  1. On the Case Management page, next to Other Inboxes, click Add. The Create a new inbox page appears.
  2. Give the inbox a Name
  3. In the search box, enter a query. The Inbox Preview refreshes to show you the cases that match the current search query.
  4. Click Save Inbox.

Bulk actions

Make bulk edits to cases from the Case Management page:

  1. Use the checkboxes to select one or more cases. The top of the list updates to show bulk edit options.
  2. Use the drop-down menus to Set status, Assign, Set priority, or perform More actions. Or, click Archive.

Create or update a case

You can create or update cases from several locations in Datadog:


From the individual Monitor status page, click the Escalate dropdown menu and select the + Create a case option.

Security signals

Click into a Security Signal to open up the side panel. From the side panel, click Create Case.

Error Tracking for Logs

Click into an individual Error Tracking issue to open the side panel. From the side panel, click Create Case or Add to an existing case.


In a new or existing workflow, add a step in the workflow builder and search for “case management” and select Create Case or Update the status from a Case.

Case Management

In the Case Management page, click the button New Case to create a new case.

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