Manage Automatically Included Entries

Automatic service discovery

Datadog Service Catalog includes both eBPF-based autodiscovery with Universal Service Monitoring and distributed tracing based detection with APM. RUM applications are included in the Service Catalog as well. If you are using any of these products, your catalog is pre-populated with entries.

Enrich auto-detected services with metadata

To specify on-call, source code, or documentation for your services, you can add metadata to any existing services via the UI, APIs, or other automation. 2.2 is the recommended version. To try experimental features, you can opt into the beta program for schema 3.0 by submitting a request.

Opt in to the private beta for metadata schema v3.0!

Request Access

The Service Definition Schema is a structure that contains basic information about a service. See the full schema on GitHub.



schema-version: v2.2
dd-service: shopping-cart
team: e-commerce
application: shopping-app
tier: "1"
type: web
  - go
  - python
  - type: slack
  - type: email
  - type: microsoft-teams
  - name: Runbook
    type: runbook
    url: http://runbook/shopping-cart
  - name: Source
    type: repo
    provider: github
  - name: Deployment
    type: repo
    provider: github
  - name: Config
    type: repo
    provider: github
  - name: E-Commerce Team
    type: doc
    provider: wiki
    url: https://wiki/ecommerce
  - name: Shopping Cart Architecture
    type: doc
    provider: wiki
    url: https://wiki/ecommerce/shopping-cart
  - name: Shopping Cart RFC
    type: doc
    provider: google doc
  - business-unit:retail
  - cost-center:engineering
    service-url: ""
    region: "US"
  - id1
  - id2
    customField1: customValue1
    customField2: customValue2

Workflow Automation allows you to automate end-to-end processes across your teams. It integrates with Datadog’s Service Catalog to enable dynamic and self-service workflows.

Find Service Catalog actions

To explore the complete set of actions specifically related to Service Catalog, navigate to the Datadog Action Catalog. Filter for the actions you need:

  1. Access the Action Catalog: Look for the Action Catalog within your Datadog Workflow Automation environment.
  2. Search Functionality: Use the search bar to search for keywords like “Service Catalog” or more specific terms related to desired actions (for example, “get service dependencies”).

Available Service Catalog Actions

Below is a comprehensive list of actions available for Service Catalog in Datadog Workflow Automation. Note that this list may evolve as new actions are added.

  • Retrieve Service Information
    • “Get service definition” for a single service
    • “List service definitions” to get all definitions from Datadog Service Catalog
    • “Get service dependencies” to get a service’s immediate upstream and downstream services
  • Incident Triage
    • “Get service PagerDuty on call”
    • When integrated with other actions, you can trigger workflows based on critical events (for example, execute runbooks).

Changing the service color

The service color is used in trace visualizations. Click the service type icon to change it.

Click the service icon to select a different icon color.

Updating the service type and language

With Service Catalog metadata schema 2.2, you can specify the type and language for user-defined services or overwrite the auto-detected type and language for instrumented services. Correctly label the service type and language to help other teams further understand what your services do and how to interact with them.

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