Investigating a Service

Clicking a service opens a side panel with details in two main sections:

Service details by views:

  • Ownership information from the service definition such as links to team contacts, source code, and supplemental information like documentation and dashboards.
  • Reliability information including deployment status, SLOs, ongoing incidents, and error information.
  • Performance graphs showing requests, errors, latency, and time spent by downstream services.
  • Security information including known vulnerabilities exposed in the service’s libraries, the timeline and type of attacks, identity of attackers, and security threats impacting your services.
  • Costs information showing the cloud spend for a service, broken down by resource types.
  • Pre-production information regarding your software delivery process, such as the average build duration and success rate of CI pipelines related to your service, along with static analysis results from CI.

Configuration details

  • Setup completeness status for Datadog products that can collect data for the service.

  • External libraries used which includes the ability to download the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM).

    Showing an individual service from Service Catalog, highlighting the libraries tab and ability to download the SBOM

  • Service definition in YAML with a link to the service’s source code.

  • An interactive service map displaying services upstream and downstream from this service.

  • Defined and Related Dashboards showing a list of pre-defined and Watchdog recommended dashboards when available.

  • Service Scorecards showing a snapshot of the service’s scores and last evaluation timestamp.

  • Beta: Active library configuration for Java and .NET services with the latest Agent configured with Remote Configuration enabled, you can adjust the trace sampling rate (from 0.0 to 1.0), enable Log Injection to correlate traces and logs data, and specify HTTP header tags to be applied to all traces coming into Datadog from this service. In the Setup Guidance tab, beside Active Library Configuration, click Edit to change these settings and immediately apply them without restarting the service.

    Configuration options for the service in the Datadog UI

Click View Related and select a page from the dropdown menu to navigate into related pages in Datadog, such as the APM Service page and service map for this service, or related telemetry data pages, such as Distributed Tracing, Infrastructure, Network Performance, Log Management, RUM, and Continuous Profiler.

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