Troubleshooting Serverless Monitoring

Troubleshooting Serverless Monitoring

If you have not yet configured serverless monitoring, go to the dedicated page for installation instructions. If you just installed the Lambda integration, it may take a few minutes before you start seeing metrics appear.

Learn more about configuration steps and advanced setup for the Datadog Forwarder and the Datadog Lambda Layer.

Use the following table to help troubleshoot issues you might be experiencing with various pieces of serverless monitoring:

Lambda MetricsAWS Lambda metrics pulled from Amazon CloudWatch.
Enhanced MetricsReal-time enhanced Lambda metrics generated by Datadog.
Lambda LogsLog management and ingestion of logs from your Lambda functions.
Lambda Custom MetricsCustom metrics ingestion from your Lambda functions.
Datadog APMDistributed tracing using the Datadog Tracer or AWS X-Ray.

If you’re still unsure about the issue, you may reach out to the Datadog support team.