Enhanced Lambda Metrics

Enhanced Lambda Metrics


Datadog Lambda library and the Datadog Lambda Extension (in Node.js and Python) or the Datadog Forwarder (in other Lambda runtimes) together generate enhanced Lambda metrics out-of-the-box for Node.js, Python, Ruby, Java, and Go applications, with low latency, several second granularity, and detailed metadata for cold starts and custom tags.

Enhanced Lambda metrics give you a view above and beyond the default Lambda metrics enabled with the AWS Lambda integration. These metrics are distinguished by being in the aws.lambda.enhanced.* namespace, and are Datadog’s best practice for setting real-time monitors on your serverless application health.

Real-time enhanced Lambda metrics

The following real-time enhanced Lambda metrics are available, and they are tagged with the aws_account, region, functionname, cold_start, memorysize, executedversion, resource and runtime. These metrics are distributions, and you can query them using the count, min, max, sum, and avg aggregations.

Measures the number of times a function is invoked in response to an event or invocation API call.
Measures the number of invocations that failed due to errors in the function.
Measures the maximum amount of memory (mb) used by the function.
Measures the elapsed seconds from when the function code starts executing as a result of an invocation to when it stops executing.
Measures the billed amount of time the function ran for (100ms increments).
Measures the initialization time (second) of a function during a cold start.
Measures the total estimated cost of the function invocation (US dollars).
Measures the number of times a function times out.
Measures the number of times a function runs out of memory.

Note: When you aren’t using the Datadog Lambda Extension, enhanced metrics are sent to the Datadog Forwarder via CloudWatch Logs, meaning you’ll see an increased volume of logs in CloudWatch. This may affect your AWS bill. To opt-out, set the DD_ENHANCED_METRICS environment variable to false on your AWS Lambda functions.

Enable enhanced Lambda metrics

Follow the installation instructions to set up instrumentation of your serverless applications, and the enhanced Lambda metrics are enabled by default.

Note: To enable enhanced Lambda metrics via the Datadog Forwarder without sending the logs for your functions to Datadog, set the DD_FORWARD_LOG environment variable to false on the Datadog Forwarder.

Viewing your dashboard

Once you’ve enabled Enhanced Lambda Metrics, view your default dashboard in the Datadog app.