Quick start

If you are new to Datadog, sign up for a Datadog account, then follow the Datadog Agent installation instructions for AWS Lambda to instrument your Lambda function for a quick start with Datadog. Completing the steps configures your Lambda functions to send real-time metrics, logs, and traces to Datadog.

Join the Private Beta

Interested in bulk-instrumenting AWS Lambdas directly from the Datadog UI? To participate, request access to the upcoming remote Lambda instrumentation private beta.

Request Access

The quick start process configures your Lambda functions on the fly. To instrument Lambda functions permanently, see the detailed installation instructions in the next section.

Installation instructions

For the detailed installation instructions, select the Lambda runtime below:


Advanced Configurations

After you’re done with installation and you’ve set up telemetry collection, you can use advanced configurations to:

  • connect your metrics, traces, and logs using tags
  • collect telemetry from AWS resources such as API Gateway, AppSync, and Step Functions
  • capture the request and response payloads for individual Lambda invocations
  • link errors of your Lambda functions to your source code
  • filter or scrub sensitive information from logs or traces

Further Reading

Additional helpful documentation, links, and articles: