Notification Profiles

Notification Profiles


Security Notification Profiles play a key role in Security Monitoring by keeping your team informed of issues without you having to manually edit notification preferences for individual security rules.

Create and modify notification preferences within a notification profile to span across multiple security rules and signals based on parameters such as severities, rule types, rule tags, signal attributes, and signal tags.

View and search through all created Notification Profiles on the Notification Profiles page. Create, edit, clone, enable, disable, delete, or view Notification Profiles created by users in your organization.

Create a notification profile

To create a new notification profile, follow the instructions below.

  1. In Datadog, navigate to the Notification Profiles tab in Security > Setup & Configuration.

  2. Click on the + New Notification Profile button in the top right corner of the page.

  3. Input a name for your notification profile in the Name field.

  4. Define the logic for when this notification profile is triggered by conditions matching to security rule and/or security signal.

    • For security rules, notification profiles can be made with the following conditions: severity, rule type, or rule tags.
    • For security signals, notification profiles can be made for any matching signal attribute and signal tag.

    For example, severity set as Medium means a signal triggers an enabled notification profile as long as the security signal rule condition set in Step 4 is met at least once.

  5. Select all relevant parties you want to notify in the Recipients field. For example, notify individuals, teams, lists, or handles.

  6. A panel with a preview of rules matching the notification profile appears to the right, which helps indicate if the notification profile is too specific or broad.

  7. Click Save and Activate to save the notification profile. This automatically activates the notification profile and navigates you back to the main Notification Profiles page.

If the notification profile is associated with a Security Rule, you can view the profile’s trigger conditions in the “Set severity and notifications” section in your rules.

If the notification profile matches set conditions, the resulting notification includes details about the matched notification profile in the notification footer.

Manage a notification profile

The free text search filters notification profiles by text in the Notification Profile page. Select a tag within a rule type, rule tags, signal attributes, or signal tags to add the tag in the search, which displays notification profiles matching the value.

When you edit the search query, search results update in real-time. There is no Search button.

Enable or disable

Use the toggle switch in the top right corner of the notification profile card to enable or disable a notification profile.


To edit a notification profile, hover over the notification profile card and click on it.


To clone a notification profile, click the kebab menu in the top right corner of the notification profile card and select the Clone Notification Profile option from the menu.


To delete a notification profile, click the kebab menu in the top right corner of the notification profile card and select the Delete Notification Profile option from the menu.

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