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'Unattached disks' are encrypted with CMK


Set up the azure.compute integration.


Ensure that unattached disks in a subscription are encrypted with a customer managed key (CMK).


Managed disks are encrypted by default with platform-managed keys. Using customer-managed keys may provide an additional level of security or meet an organization’s regulatory requirements. Encrypting managed disks ensures that its entire content is fully unrecoverable without a key and thus protects the volume from unwarranted reads. Even if the disk is not attached to any of the VMs, there is always a risk where a compromised user account with administrative access to VM service can mount/attach these data disks which may lead to sensitive information disclosure and tampering.


Encryption is available only on standard tier VMs. This could impact cost. Utilizing and maintaining customer-managed keys requires additional work to create, protect, and rotate keys.


If data stored in the disk is no longer useful, refer to [Azure documentation][1] to delete unattached data disks. If data stored in the disk is important, encrypt the disk. See the [Disk enable customer managed keys customer][2] or the [Encryption settings][3] documentation.


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CIS Controls

Version 7 14.8 - Encrypt Sensitive Information at Rest - Encrypt all sensitive information at rest using a tool that requires a secondary authentication mechanism not integrated into the operating system, in order to access the information.

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