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Server parameter 'log_checkpoints' is set to 'ON' for PostgreSQL Database Server


Set up the azure.dbforpostgresql integration.


Enable log_checkpoints on PostgreSQL Servers.


Enabling log_checkpoints helps the PostgreSQL Database to log each checkpoint and generate query and error logs. Access to transaction logs is not supported. Query and error logs can be used to identify, troubleshoot, and repair configuration errors and sub-optimal performance.


From the console

  1. Login to Azure Portal using https://portal.azure.com
  2. Go to Azure Database for PostgreSQL server
  3. For each database, click on Server parameters
  4. Search for log_checkpoints.
  5. Click ON and save.

Alternatively, use the Azure Command Line Interface and run the below command to update log_checkpoints configuration:

az postgres server configuration set --resource-group <resourceGroupName> --server-name <serverName> --name log_checkpoints --value on


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  3. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/security/benchmarks/security-controls-v2-logging-threat-detection#lt-4-enable-logging-for-azure-resources

CIS Controls

Version 7 6.2 Activate logging: Ensure that local logging has been enabled on all systems and networking devices.