Cloud Security Management Vulnerabilities

Cloud Security Management is not supported for your selected Datadog site ().

CSM Vulnerabilities is in beta.


Cloud Security Management Vulnerabilities (CSM Vulnerabilities) combines infrastructure observability with security insights to detect, prioritize, and manage vulnerabilities in your organization. It scans for vulnerabilities in the container images and hosts in your infrastructure.

Review the health of your container images

CSM Vulnerabilities offers vulnerabilities in the container images on your hosts.

  • View your container images on the container images page.
  • Observe the number of vulnerabilities that exist in the container images (column name VULNERABILITIES).
The Container Images tab highlighting vulnerabilities and container column sort feature

View additional details about any vulnerability by clicking the container image and reviewing the Vulnerabilities tab:

Container Images overview page highlighting the vulnerabilities tab

Identify impacted infrastructure

  • Click any vulnerability to see more information.
  • Click View Vulnerability in CSM to view all related infrastructure impacted by this vulnerability.

This opens the CSM Vulnerabilities page which includes information about:

  • A description of the vulnerability.
  • The date on which the vulnerability was last detected.
  • Recommended remediation steps.
  • Affected container images and hosts.
CSM Vulnerabilities side panel showing details of a vulnerability

Review and remediate

View a consolidated list of vulnerabilities on the Vulnerabilities page in Cloud Security Management. Prioritize them for remediation using available facets, such as context-based severity, resource type, and library.

A list of high severity vulnerabilities on the CSM Vulnerabilities page

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