Runc binary modified


Detect modifications to the runc binary outside of the normal package management lifecycle.


CVE-2019-5736, a vulnerability in runc through version 1.0-rc6 could allow attackers to overwrite the host runc binary, which allows the attacker to effectively escape a running container, and gain root access on the underlying host. Any modifications to runc (outside of standard package management upgrades) could be exploiting this vulnerability to gain root access to the system.

Triage & Response

  1. Check to see which user or process changed the runc binary.
  2. If these changes are not acceptable, roll back contain the host in question to an acceptable configuration.
  3. Update runc to a version above 1.0-rc6 (or Docker 18.09.2 and above).
  4. Determine the nature of the attack and utilities involved. Investigate security signals (if present) occurring around the time of the event to establish an attack path.

Requires Agent version 7.27 or greater