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Malicious IP Communicating with Okta


Set up the okta integration.

WARNING: This rule is being deprecated on 6 March 2023.


Detect when an IP address identified as malicious by Okta’s ThreatInsight communicates with your Okta account.


This rule lets you monitor the following Okta events to detect when a malicious IP address communicates with your Okta account:

  • security.threat.detected

Triage and response

  1. Determine if the @usr.email is Unknown or is an authenticated user.
  2. If the user is authenticated, conduct an investigation to determine if the IP address that is communicating with Okta is the user’s IP address, or if the account is compromised.
  3. Consider switching ThreatInsight from log mode to log and block mode to block future requests from IP addresses on the ThreatInsight threat intelligence list.