Kubernetes Pod Created in Kube Namespace

Set up the kubernetes integration.


Detect when a user is creating a pod in one of the Kubernetes default namespaces.


This rule monitors when a create (@http.method:create) action occurs for a pod (@objectRef.resource:pods) within either of the kube-system or kube-public namespaces.

The only users creating pods in the kube-system namespace should be cluster administrators. Furthermore, it is best practice to not run any cluster critical infrastructure in the kube-system namespace.

The kube-public namespace is intended for Kubernetes objects which should be readable by unauthenticated users. Thus, a pod should likely not be created in the kube-public namespace.

Triage and response

Determine if the user should be creating this new pod in one of the default namespaces.


  • 7 May 2024 - Updated detection query to include logs from Azure Kubernetes Service.