New user seen executing a command in an ECS task


Detect when a user executes a command on an ECS container for the first time. An attacker may use this as a technique to escalate their privileges because they can run arbitrary commands on behalf of the container with the role and permissions associated with the container.


This rule lets you monitor this CloudTrail API call to detect if a user is executing a command on an ECS container:

  • ExecuteCommand

Triage and response

  1. Investigate the command that the user ({{@userIdentity.arn}}) ran on the container, which is located in the Cloudtrail log at @requestParameters.container, if the telemetry exists.
  2. Analyze Cloudtrail logs with {{@userIdentity.arn}} that are within the same time frame as this security signal.
  3. Review any other security signals generated for this container.