PostgreSQL servers should have `connection_throttling` enabled


Warning: This rule will be deprecated 18 December 2023 as part of the update to Azure CIS version 2.0.0


Enable connection_throttling on PostgreSQL Servers.


Enabling connection_throttling helps the PostgreSQL Database to Set the verbosity of logged messages which generates query and error logs about concurrent connections. Too many concurrent connections could lead to a successful Denial of Service (DoS) attack by exhausting connection resources. A system can also fail or be degraded by an overload of legitimate users. Query and error logs can be used to identify, troubleshoot, and repair configuration errors and sub-optimal performance.


From the console

  1. Login to Azure Portal using
  2. Go to Azure Database for PostgreSQL server
  3. For each database, click on Server parameters
  4. Search for connection_throttling.
  5. Click ON and save.

Alternatively, use the Azure Command Line Interface and run the below command to update connection_throttling configuration:

az postgres server configuration set --resource-group <resourceGroupName> --server-name <serverName> --name connection_throttling --value on



CIS Controls

Version 7 6.2 Activate logging: Ensure that local logging has been enabled on all systems and networking devices.