User activity detected from unauthorized countries


Detect user activity from a country that’s part of a denylist.

This may be caused by a malicious actor using a compromised account, or a user violating policy.


Review IPs from traces tagged with a user. If the country linked to this IP is part of the denylist, trigger the signal.

To update the denylist with your restrictions, clone and update the rule. This rule shouldn’t be enabled at the same time as the allowlist variant.

Require the trace to be flagged, either by a user event or by an In-App WAF attack.

A Medium signal is generated if any trace is found.

Triage and response

  1. Investigate the IP activity and validate that it is legitimate.
  2. If the account was compromised, reset the password and log out the attacker.
  3. Consider blocking the account until situation is remediated/user is out of the forbidden country.