Virtual Machines should utilize Azure Managed Disks


To optimize the configuration of your virtual machines, it is recommended to migrate blob-based VHDs to managed disks. This configuration offers several default features, including default disk encryption, which provides basic protection without the need for additional encryption. Managed disks also offer increased resilience, as Microsoft manages the disk storage and handles any underlying hardware faults. Additionally, migrating to managed disks can help reduce costs compared to using storage accounts.

Managed disks are available as an option during the creation of VMs, and Azure Adviser recommends this migration for ARM-deployed virtual machines, considering both security and cost management. The impact of migrating to managed disks is minimal, with no operational impact other than the mentioned benefits.


There are additional costs for managed disks based off of disk space allocated. When converting to managed disks, VMs will be powered off and back on.

From the console

  1. Using the search feature, go to Virtual Machines.
  2. Select the virtual machine you would like to convert.
  3. Select Disks in the menu for the VM.
  4. Select Migrate to managed disks.
  5. Follow the prompts to convert the disk and finish by selecting Migrate to start the process.

NOTE: VMs are stopped and restarted after migration is complete.