Application Load Balancers should have deletion protection enabled


This control verifies deletion protection is enabled for Application, Gateway, and Network Load Balancers. To safeguard your Load Balancer from accidental or unauthorized deletion, ensure that deletion protection is enabled.


To safeguard your load balancer from accidental deletion, you can activate deletion protection. By default, this feature is turned off for your load balancer.

If deletion protection is enabled, it must be disabled before you can delete the load balancer.

  • To enable deletion protection on an Application Load Balancer, refer to the Deletion Protection section in the user guide for Application Load Balancers.
  • For a Gateway Load Balancer, consult the [Deletion Protection][2] section in the user guide for Gateway Load Balancers.
  • For a Network Load Balancer, see the [Deletion Protection][3] section in the user guide for Network Load Balancers.