Elasticsearch domain connections should be encrypted using a secure TLS version


This control verifies whether an Elasticsearch domain endpoint uses the most recent TLS security policy. It will fail if HTTPS isn’t enabled or if the endpoint isn’t configured with the latest supported policy. The current supported TLS security policy is Policy-Min-TLS-1-2-PFS-2023-10.

Using HTTPS (TLS) can help thwart attackers from conducting person-in-the-middle or similar attacks aimed at intercepting or altering network traffic. It’s essential to permit only encrypted connections over HTTPS (TLS). Be aware that encrypting data during transmission can impact performance, so you should test your application with this feature enabled to understand the performance implications. TLS 1.2 offers significant security improvements over earlier versions of TLS.


To enable TLS encryption, use the UpdateDomainConfig API operation to configure the DomainEndpointOptions object. This action sets the TLSSecurityPolicy.