EBS snapshot should be encrypted


Encrypt Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) snapshots with volume snapshot encryption keys.


Amazon EBS snapshots contain sensitive data, and publicly accessible snapshots can be copied. Keep your data secure from exploits or unauthorized users by using AWS key management.


From the console

Follow the Default key for EBS encryption docs to learn how to encrypt a snapshot in the AWS Console.

From the command line

  1. Run get-ebs-default-kms-key-id to describe the default CMK.

  2. If you need to create a new key, follow the Creating keys AWS Console docs or the create-key AWS CLI docs.

  3. Run modify-ebs-default-kms-key-id with your --kms-key-id to modify the default CMK used to encrypt EBS volumes.

See the Set encryption defaults using the API and CLI docs for additional information.