Cloudfront distribution should be encrypted


Verify that HTTPS is used to secure AWS CloudFront distributions communications.


HTTPS ensures that malicious activity cannot occur when data is sent within AWS CloudFront’s Content Distribution Network (CDN).


From the console

Follow the configure CloudFront to require HTTPS between CloudFront and your custom origin docs to change your Origin Protocol Policy to HTTPS only.

From the command line

  1. Run get-distribution-config with your AWS CloudFront distribution ID to retrieve your distribution’s configuration information.

        aws cloudfront get-distribution-config
            --id ID000000000000
  2. In a new JSON file, modify the returned configuration. Set OriginProtocolPolicy to https-only and save the configuration file.

          "ETag": "ETAG0000000000",
          "DistributionConfig": {
            "Origins": {
              "Items": [
                  "CustomOriginConfig": {
                    "OriginProtocolPolicy": "https-only",
  3. Run update-distribution to update your distribution with your distribution id, the path of the configuration file (created in step 2), and your etag.

        aws cloudfront update-distribution
            --id ID000000000000
            --distribution-config https-only.json
            --if-match ETAG0000000000