SQL injection vulnerability triggered


Detect successful exploits of the SQL injection vulnerability.


Monitor SQL injection patterns and SQL queries executed.
When a match is detected (that is, when the malicious pattern is found in a query as functional tokens: @appsec.security_activity:vulnerability_trigger.sql_injection), those specific requests are highlighted.

The signal severity is determined based on whether the application threw an error when processing the SQL queries.

  • CRITICAL An SQL injection vulnerability was exploited and has impacts on the system. The attackers might have exfiltrated data, tampered with your databases, or taken over the server.
  • HIGH An SQL injection vulnerability has been triggered. However, the application threw a SQL exception during execution indicating they might not have succeeded at impacting the system.

Triage and response

  1. Consider blocking the attacking IPs temporarily to slow down the further exploitation of your infrastructure.
  2. Leverage traces to determine the vulnerable queries, and fix the code.
  3. Investigate your database servers’ logs to figure out the extent of the exploit.