The Cloud Security Management (CSM) Pro package includes CSM Misconfigurations (cloud accounts) and CSM Vulnerabilities (container images). To learn more about the available CSM packages, see Setting up Cloud Security Management.

Getting started

To enable CSM Pro on your infrastructure, complete the following steps:

Enable resource scanning for cloud accounts

To enable resource scanning for your cloud accounts, you must first set up the integration and then enable CSM for each AWS account, Azure subscription, and Google Cloud project. For detailed instructions, see Enable CSM Pro for Cloud Accounts.

Enable CSM Pro on the Agent

Set up CSM Pro on the Agent to enable Kubernetes Security Posture Management for CSM Misconfigurations, and container image metadata collection and Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) collection for CSM Vulnerabilities.

Select your infrastructure type for details on how to enable CSM Pro on the Agent.


Further reading