Setting up Cloud Security Management

Datadog provides a guided workflow for setting up Cloud Security Management (CSM). The first step is to select the features you want to enable. After that, follow the instructions provided to configure the selected features.

The following instructions apply to new CSM users only. If you're an existing user and would like to enable additional CSM features, see Enable additional features.
  1. On the Intro to Cloud Security Management page, click Get Started with Cloud Security Management.
  2. On the Features page, select the features you want to enable.
  3. Click Start Using Cloud Security Management and confirm your selections.
CSM Features page

After you confirm your selections, the Setup page appears. The instructions on the page are customized to match the features you selected. For example, if you enable Compliance Scanning, only the Cloud accounts and Hosts and containers sections are displayed.

The following table shows which sections appear on the Setup page for each feature.

FeatureSetup page
Threat Detection
Identity Risks (CIEM)
Host Vulnerability Management
Container Vulnerability Management
For instructions on setting up Agentless Scanning, see Setting up CSM Agentless Scanning.

Enable additional features

You can enable additional CSM features at any time by returning to the Features page and clicking Enable for the features you want to add. This page also serves as a status page that indicates which features are enabled, which features are enabled but not yet configured, and which features are not enabled.

CSM Features page

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