Application Security Management is not supported for your selected Datadog site ().


Before setting up Application Security capabilities, ensure the following prerequisites are met:

  • Datadog Agent installation: The Datadog Agent is installed and configured for your application’s operating system or container, cloud, or virtual environment.
  • Datadog APM configuration: Datadog APM is configured for your application or service, and traces are being received by Datadog.
  • Supported tracing library: The Datadog Tracing Library used by your application or service supports Software Composition Analysis capabilities for the language of your application or service. For more details, see Library Compatibility.

Application Security enablement types

There are two main approaches to enable Application Security on your applications: Single-Step Instrumentation or Datadog Tracing Library.

Single-step instrumentation

Run a one-line installation command to install the Datadog Agent and enable Application Security capabilities with Single Step Instrumentation (Beta).

Datadog tracing libraries

Add an environment variable or a new argument to your Datadog Tracing Library configuration.

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