Session Replay Playlists


Playlists are collections of Session Replays you can aggregate in a folder-like structure. You can use Playlists to:

  • Organize observed patterns from specific Session Replays and label them accordingly
  • Glance through playlists and understand what each grouping is about at a glance
  • Save time searching for specific Session Replays

Getting started

You can create a playlist directly from the Playlist page or from an individual Session Replay.

To create it directly from the Playlist page:

  1. In Datadog, go to Digital Experience > Session Replay > Playlists.
  2. Click New Playlist.
  3. Give your playlist a name and description. You can then start exploring Session Replays in RUM to add to the playlist.
Create a new Playlist

To create it from an individual Session Replay:

  1. Open the replay you want to save.

  2. Click the Save to Playlist button at the top.

  3. Add the recording to an existing playlist, or create a new one like in the video below.

If you spot any notable behaviors after viewing a Session Replay, you can click Save to Playlist to build a new playlist or add that particular Session Replay to an existing playlist.

Use cases

Your team can use playlists in many different ways. Here are some ideas to get started:

  • After you spot an error in one session, you can find other sessions where that error pattern exists and group them together
  • As you update your UI, you can create playlists for sessions where users may have gotten lost in a new flow
  • To bookmark groups of sessions that have unique behavior, like a rage click on a revenue generating button, you can write a query in RUM and save all associated sessions in a playlist


Saving a Session Replay to a playlist leads to an error

All Session Replays in playlists must be completed sessions. To find Session Replays that are eligible to be added to playlists, copy and paste the below query into the RUM explorer:

@session.is_active:false @session.type:user @session.has_replay:true

This query ensures you are searching for completed sessions that have a replay attached, and are from real user interactions, not synthetic sessions.

Creating a playlist leads to an error

Ensure you have the right roles and permissions to create a playlist. The playlist write permission allows you to do the following:

  • Create a playlist
  • Edit a playlist
  • Delete a playlist
  • Add a session to a playlist
  • Remove a session from a playlist

In addition, the Session Replay read permission allows you to do the following:

  • View a playlist
  • See a session in a playlist

Keeping replays in a playlist for longer than the default 30-day Session Replay retention period

By default, Session Replay retention is 30 days. With extended retention, you have the ability to extend the retention of individual Session Replays for up to 15 months. Adding a Session Replay to a playlist automatically extends the retention of that replay. You may revoke extended retention on an individual Session Replay basis at any time.

Further Reading