Session Replay Browser Developer Tools


Session Replay’s Browser Dev Tools are built-in debugging tools that can help you troubleshoot issues in your applications. You do not need to configure anything to use Browser Dev Tools.

Browser Dev Tools

To access Browser Dev Tools, either click the Jump to Replay button to the left of a session in the Sessions tab or click on a session and click Replay Session on the top right corner in the RUM Explorer.

Dev Tools button

The </> Dev Tools button appears to the right of the Share button. You can view performance data, console logs, errors, and attributes about your replays.


The Performance tab displays a waterfall of events (such as actions, errors, resources, and long tasks) and timestamps in a session.

Select and apply Network, Events, and Timings filters to change the scope of resources and event types displayed. You can also drag and drop the sliders in the waterfall to expand the time range.


The Console tab displays all logs collected from the web browser and errors for each view.

Click Error, Warn, Info, and Debug to filter your logs based on severity. To search for these logs in the Log Explorer, click View in Log Explorer.

Console View in Log Explorer button

The Log Explorer opens in a separate tab with a pre-filled search query.


The Errors tab displays RUM errors and Error Tracking issues that correlate to the session.

Errors tab


The Attributes tab displays all attributes related to the session. For more information, see Default attributes.

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