Product Analytics


Product Analytics helps you gain insight into user behavior and make data-driven decisions.

It can help solve the following types of use cases in your application:

  • Understand product adoption
  • Track conversion rates and their evolution over time
  • Track key user behavior patterns
  • Visualize the most and least interacted with buttons on a given page

Below are some key pillars of Datadog Product Analytics.

Measure user retention

Use Retention Analysis to measure how a group of users engage with specific features over time to understand where dropoff occurs.

Map user journeys

Explore User Journeys to see different visualizations of the user experience when interacting with your application:

  • Funnel: Measure the conversion rate end-to-end of a given workflow.
  • Sankey: Explore aggregated workflows in a single visualization to aid in answering questions about user journeys.
  • Conversion: Track conversion rates over time and compare it against specific attributes that may have affected conversion rates, such as browser type or geography.

Visualize user interactions with heatmaps

Heatmaps visualize the most interacted with elements on a page to see where hot spots of activity are, along with analyzing scroll depth to see how far users scrolled down a given page.