RUM Analytics


Real User Monitoring (RUM) Analytics extend the RUM Explorer page with views data aggregation and split capabilities for troubleshooting and monitoring. You can control:

  • The query that filters the set of views to analyze.
  • The dimensions over which to split data.
  • The visualization method for aggregates and splits.

With RUM Analytics visualizations, you can:

  • Create a widget in a dashboard out of that visualization.
  • Dive deeper into subsets of the events list depending on the interactions that the visualization enables.

Build a query

In RUM Analytics, customize your display by adding facets and measures to your search query.

  1. Choose a measure or facet to graph. A measure lets you choose the aggregation function, whereas a facet displays the unique count.

    measure selection
  2. Select the aggregation function for the measure you want to graph:

    aggregation function for RUM Analytics
  3. Use a facet to split your graph.

    split by facet RUM Analytics
  4. Choose the time interval for your graph. Changing the global timeframe changes the list of available timestep values.

  5. Choose to display either the top or bottom values according to the selected measure.

    top bottom button

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