RUM for Roku is not available on the US1-FED Datadog site.


Error Tracking processes errors collected from the RUM Roku SDK.

Enable Roku Crash Reporting and Error Tracking to get comprehensive crash reports and error trends with Real User Monitoring. With this feature, you can access:

  • Aggregated Roku crash dashboards and attributes
  • Trend analysis with Roku error tracking

Your crash reports appear in Error Tracking.


If you have not set up the Roku SDK yet, follow the in-app setup instructions or see the Roku RUM setup documentation.

  1. Add the latest version of the RUM Roku SDK to your ROPM dependencies (or download the zip archive).
  2. Configure your application’s env when initializing the SDK.

For any given error, you can access the file path, line number, and a code snippet for each frame of the related stack trace.


Crash reporting on Roku doesn’t yet support stacktraces.

Test your implementation

To verify your Roku Crash Reporting and Error Tracking configuration, you need to trigger a crash in your RUM application and confirm that the error appears in Datadog.

To test your implementation:

  1. Run your application on an Roku device.

  2. Execute some code containing a crash. For example:

    sub explodingMethod()
        x = 1
  3. After the crash happens, restart your application and wait for the Roku SDK to upload the crash report in Error Tracking.

Forward errors to Datadog

Whenever you perform an operation that might throw an exception, you can forward the error to Datadog by adding the following code snippet:

    catch error"addError", error)
    end try

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