Track Browser Errors

Error Tracking processes errors collected from the browser by the RUM SDK: whenever a source or custom error containing a stack trace is collected, Error Tracking processes and groups it under an issue (group of similar errors). To quickly get started with error tracking:

  1. Download the latest version of the RUM Browser SDK.
  2. Configure the version, the env and the service when initializing your SDK.
  3. Upload JavaScript source maps following our guide to get unminified stack traces.

In addition to sending source maps, the new version of the Datadog CLI reports Git information such as the commit hash, the repository URL, and the list of tracked file paths in the code repository. Using this information, Error Tracking and RUM can correlate an error with the source code, and you can pivot from any stack trace frame to the related line of code in GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket.

Linking from stack frames to source code is supported in the Datadog CLI version 0.12.0 version and later.

Further Reading