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RUM Views

A page view represents a user visiting a page from your website. During that page view, errors, resources, long tasks, and user actions get attached to that page view with a unique attribute. Note that a page view gets updated as new events are collected.

For page views, loading performance metrics are collected from both the Paint Timing API and the Navigation Timing API.

For Single Page Applications (SPAs), performance metrics will only be available for the first accessed page. Modern web frameworks like ReactJS, AngularJS, or VueJS update a website’s content without reloading the page, preventing Datadog from collecting traditional performance metrics. RUM is able to track page changes using the History API.

Measures collected

view.measures.first_contentful_paintnumber (ns)Time when the browser first rendered any text, image (including background images), non-white canvas, or SVG.Learn more
view.measures.dom_interactivenumber (ns)The moment when the parser finished its work on the main document. More info from the MDN documentation
view.measures.dom_content_loadednumber (ns)Event fired when the initial HTML document has been completely loaded and parsed, without waiting for non-render blocking stylesheets, images, and subframes to finish loading. More info from the MDN documentation.
view.measures.dom_completenumber (ns)The page and all the subresources are ready. For the user, the loading spinner has stopped spinning. More info from the MDN documentation
view.measures.load_event_endnumber (ns)Event fired when the page is fully loaded. Usually a trigger for additional application logic. More info from the MDN documentation
view.measures.error_countnumberCount of all errors collected so far for this view.
view.measures.long_task_countnumberCount of all long tasks collected for this view.
view.measures.resource_countnumberCount of all resources collected for this view.
view.measures.user_action_countnumberCount of all user actions collected for this view.

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