Network Performance Monitoring is now generally available! Network Monitoring is now available!

RUM Resources

All of your website’s resources are collected by default: images, XHRs, XMLHttpRequest, CSS files, JS assets, and font files.

Detailed network timing data regarding the loading of an application’s resources are being collected with the Performance Resource Timing API

Measure Collected

durationnumberEntire time spent loading the resource.
network.bytes_writtennumber (bytes)Resource size.
http.performance.connect.durationnumber (ns)Time spent establishing a connection to the server (connectEnd - connectStart)
http.performance.ssl.durationnumber (ns)Time spent for the TLS handshake. If the last request is not over HTTPS, this metric does not appear (connectEnd - secureConnectionStart)
http.performance.dns.durationnumber (ns)Time spent resolving the DNS name of the last request (domainLookupEnd - domainLookupStart)
http.performance.redirect.durationnumber (ns)Time spent on subsequent HTTP requests (redirectEnd - redirectStart)
http.performance.first_byte.durationnumber (ns)Time spent waiting for the first byte of response to be received (responseStart - RequestStart) (ns)Time spent downloading the response (responseEnd - responseStart)

Facet Collected

resource.kindstringThe kind or type of resource being collected (ex: CSS, JS, media, XHR, image)
http.status_codenumberThe response status code.
http.urlstringThe resource URL.
http.url_details.hoststringThe HTTP host part of the URL.
http.url_details.pathstringThe HTTP path part of the URL.
http.url_details.queryStringobjectThe HTTP query string parts of the URL decomposed as query params key/value attributes.
http.url_details.schemestringThe protocol name of the URL (HTTP or HTTPS)

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