RUM Data Collected
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RUM Data Collected

Default attributes

These five event categories have attributes attached by default:


Attribute nameTypeDescription
application_idstringThe Datadog application ID.
session_idstringThe session ID.

View Attribute

Attribute nameTypeDescription
view.idstringRandomly generated ID for each page view.
view.urlstringThe view URL.
view.loading_typestringThe type of page load: initial_load or route_change. For more information, see the single page applications support docs.
view.referrerstringThe URL of the previous web page from which a link to the currently requested page was followed.
view.url_details.hoststringThe HTTP host part of the URL.
view.url_details.pathstringThe HTTP path part of the URL.
view.url_details.path_groupstringAutomatic URL group generated for similar URLs. (ex: /dashboard/? For /dashboard/123 and /dashboard/456)
view.url_details.queryStringobjectThe HTTP query string parts of the URL decomposed as query params key/value attributes.

User Agent

The following contexts—following the Datadog Standard Attributes logic—are attached automatically to all events sent to Datadog:

Attribute nameTypeDescription
http.useragent_details.os.familystringThe OS family reported by the User-Agent.
http.useragent_details.browser.familystringThe browser Family reported by the User-Agent.
http.useragent_details.device.familystringThe device family reported by the User-Agent.
http.useragent_details.device.categorystringThe device category reported by the User-Agent.


The following attributes are related to the geolocation of IP addresses used in network communication. All fields are prefixed by network.client.geoip or network.destination.geoip.

FullnameTypeDescription of the country Code of the country (example: US for the United States, FR for France)
network.client.geoip.continent.codestringISO code of the continent (EU, AS, NA, AF, AN, SA, OC)
network.client.geoip.continent.namestringName of the continent (Europe, Australia, North America, Africa, Antartica, South America, Oceania)
network.client.geoip.subdivision.namestringName of the first subdivision level of the country (example: California in the United States or the Sarthe department in France)
network.client.geoip.subdivision.iso_codestringISO Code of the first subdivision level of the country (example: CA in the United States or the SA department in France) name of the city (example Paris, New York)

Extra Attribute

In addition to default attributes, add specific global context to all events collected. This provides the ability to analyze the data for a subset of users. For example, group errors by user email, or understand which customers have the worst performance.

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