RUM Dashboards

When you create a RUM application dashboards are created within Datadog to analyze all the data collected. RUM dashboards can be found in the dashboards list and have the Datadog logo:

RUM Dashboard in dash list

You can also access these dashboards through your RUM application page. Click on the Dashboard links associated with your application:

Dashboard interactions

You can customize your dashboards as you would with any other one, or directly explore the underlying data in your RUM explorer.

Template variables

RUM dashboards are generated for all your applications with a set of default template variables automatically created. Use the template variables on top of it to start filtering RUM dashboards. For instance, use the applicationId template variable to filter down to a specific application.

View RUM events

To explore all the individual events, click on any graph and select View RUM events to be redirected to the RUM Explorer with the currently selected filters.

Customize dashboards

Clone your RUM dashboards and customize them to fit your needs. You can add widgets and modify the template variables:

Clone Dashboard

Further Reading

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