RUM Dashboards


When you create a RUM application, Datadog collects data and generates dashboards about your application’s performance, errors, resources, user sessions, and mobile performance.

RUM Application Overview page

Access your RUM dashboards by filtering for RUM in the search query of the Dashboard List or by clicking on a dashboard’s Application Overview in the RUM Applications page.

Out-of-the-box RUM Dashboards

Interact with RUM dashboards

You can customize your dashboards or directly explore your application’s data in the RUM Explorer.

Template variables

Datadog generates RUM dashboards which automatically creates a set of default template variables. Use the template variable dropdown menus to narrow your search. For example, you can filter for a specific application with the applicationId template variable.

View RUM events

To explore individual events, click on a graph and click View RUM events. This redirects you to the RUM Explorer with pre-selected search filters.

Customize dashboards

Clone your RUM dashboards and customize them to fit your needs. You can add widgets and modify the template variables.

Clone Dashboard

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